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Friedrich Kohlrausch, Physicist

* October 14, 1840 in Rinteln (Weser)
† January 17, 1910 Marburg (Lahn)

After studying physics in Erlangen and Göttingen Friedrich Kohlrausch became an ordinary professor in Göttingen in 1867 where he quickly came to transregional fame due to his precise experimental work, his newly created physical field work and outstanding skills in research and teaching and was offered a professorship at different universities. After two way stations at the ETH Zurich (1870) and the TH Darmstadt (1871) Kohlrausch was appointed to the JMU in 1875 where he spent his happiest and most productive time. In 1888, he left Würzburg for the university of Strasbourg. His research focus was in the field of physical precise measurements as well as on tests on electrolytic conductivity and fundamental questions about general metrology. “Der Kohlrausch” developed from his publication “Kleiner Leitfaden der praktischen Physik” („A little guideline of applied physics“) which significantly influenced the establishment of physical exercises at German universities as a physical textbook of outstanding importance.

His official residence was at the Institute of Physics at Pleicher Ring 8, today’s Röntgenring 8. His famous successors Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and Wilhelm Wien lived in the same building. Furthermore, he lived at Kettengasse 5 as well as Paradeplatz 4.