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Boris Zarnik, Biologist

* March 11, 1883 in Ljubljana
† January 13, 1945 in Zagreb

From 1901 on, Zarnik studied medicine in Jena and worked - attracted through the cytological research of Boveri – as Boveris assistant in Würzburg from 1904 on and received his doctorate in the same year. After a long time working as an assistant – interrupted through various sabbatical terms for research at zoological stations (like Trieste or Naples) - he was promoted to an extra-ordinary professor at the Alma Julia. In 1915 he transferred to the University of Istanbul, in 1918 to Zagreb, where he taught until 1942. One of Zarniks most important works was the detailed research on the structure of kidneys of reptiles and monotremes.

He dwelled in the building of the Institute of Zoology and Zootomy at the Röntgenring 10.