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Depromotions 1933-1945

Depromotions at the University of Würzburg 1933-1945

Rehabilitation Decision

The Senate, the Extended University Management, and the University Council of the University of Würzburg publicly and unanimously adopted the following resolution at their meetings on February 22, 2011, February 28, 2011, and March 14, 2011:

The deprivations of doctoral degrees carried out at the University of Würzburg in the years 1933-1945, based on National Socialist ideology, constitute arbitrary violations of human rights. They are in blatant contradiction to the principles of the rule of law, academic freedom, and the humanistic-academic spirit of the University. The University hereby expressly states that these unjust acts of political persecution were void from the beginning.

It is the express concern to do justice to all victims of the depromotions individually and to keep their personal and scientific memory alive. As part of the process of coming to terms with what happened, the University has identified a list of names of those affected. However, it cannot be ruled out that further unlawful doctoral degree withdrawals have not yet been recorded by the current state of research and are still unknown by name. Today's resolution includes these still unknown doctoral graduates in addition to those named below.


The revocation of the doctorate at the University of Würzburg in the period from 1933 to 1945 was also dealt with in a publication. This was published as the first volume in the series "Contributions to Würzburg University History".

Author: Marcus Holtz