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Citing our inventory

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To be cited as

Archives of the Rectorate and Senate

UAWue ARS [Issue]

Faculty files

UAWue FA [Issue]

Personnel files

UAWue ZV-PA [Issue]

Files of the Central Administration

UAWue ZV [Issue]

Central administration files unrecorded

UAWue ZV [special number, please ask!]

Senate protocols

UAWue SP [Issue], Meeting from xx.xx.19xx

Secret files of the rectorate

UAWue GR [Issue]

University of Education

UAWue PH [Issue]

Student register cards

UAWue StK [Name]

Inscription lists

UAWue ARS [Issue] WiSe/SoSe [Year] Family Name, Surname

Promotional invoices

UAWue ARS [Issue] PR WiSe/SoSe [Year] Family Name, Surname

Hospital files (small special collection)

UAWue KL [Issue]

Patient files of the Psychiatric Clinic until 1933

UAWue KL [Issue] Family, Surname

Patient files Psychiatric Clinic from 1933

UAWue PsPa [Year] Family Name, Surname

Patient files gynaecological clinic

UAWue KL [Issue]


UAWue NL [Issue]

Estate of Julius von Sachs

UAWue JS [Issue]

Estate of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

UAWue WR [Issue]

Photo collection

UAWue FS [Issue]

Maps and plans

UAWue KP [Issue]