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    Successful blockade


    Using a new active substance, scientists from the University Hospital of Würzburg have managed to stop the growth of skin cancer cells. Further tests are now required to see whether this inhibitor can be used in treatment and whether it also has a growth-inhibiting effect on the tumor cells of other types of cancer.


    The Würzburg researcher Daniel Kraus and his international colleagues have identified a gene that plays a major role in fat gain. The scientists inhibited the expression of this gene in mice and the animals became leaner – while on the same diet – without showing any side effects. They presented their work in the science magazine Nature.


    A severe form of epilepsy in infants is caused by hitherto unknown mutations of the HCN1 ion channel. The changes in the genetic material are de novo mutations, i. e. they are not present in the parents. This is reported by a German-French research team in the journal “Nature Genetics”.