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    Press Releases

    The Gusi Foundation has awarded the Gusi Peace Prize to the professors Gerhard Bringmann (Würzburg) and Virima Mudogo (Kinshasa) and has thus honored them for their scientific achievements in the search for bioactive compounds and for their humanitarian merits for young academics in the Congo.


    One year in space


    UWE-3, the satellite developed by the University of Würzburg, is a technical marvel: On November 21, it has been in space for exactly a year – and it is still functioning perfectly. This is an extraordinary feat given the harsh conditions in outer space.


    It was an extraordinary spectacle in the Perseus galaxy cluster: An international team of astrophysicists detected an exceptional flare in the gamma-ray spectrum during observations of galaxy IC 310. This meant that particles had been accelerated to extremely high energies in a very small space.