NMUN Delegation


    Der Höhepunkt des Projekts wird die Reise nach New York im März 2020 sein. Neben der Teilnahme an der Model United Nations-Konferenz stehen für uns auch eine Führung durch die UN-Gebäude sowie Treffen mit DiplomatInnen und VertreterInnen der Zivilgesellschaft auf dem Programm. Doch dazu muss im Vorhinein einiges organisiert werden: Von der Unterkunft in New York bis zu Treffen mit Mitgliedern unterschiedlicher NGOs in New York ist dies die Aufgabe des „Orga New York“-Teams.

    Clara Schwetlick

    Geography & Political and Social Studies, 3rd semester

    The United Nations were and are the work of visionaries, striving for a common goal. Not only do I want to be part of this unique experience, but I think it is vitally important for young people to have the chance to participate. To me, NMUN holds this opportunity - connecting with students from all over the world, learning diplomatic communication and understanding international challenges. It is our world, and maybe our optimistic youthfulness is just what it takes to keep an ambitious vision alive. 

    Pia Bader

    Political and Social Studies & Economics, 3rd semester

    As international politics have always fascinated me I feel honoured to be part of the NMUN delegation. It´s a great chance to experience how diplomacy works, gathering rhetoric skills and have a great time with the group. Representing other countries with their challenges and points of view makes this adventure very special. I am really looking forward to having a great time as a part of an ambitious delegation, bringing out the best of me.  

    Sarah Gormley

    Museum Studies, 3rd semester / Cultural Anthropology, 4th semester

    Ever since I was a child I remember being interested in many different, sometimes obscure, topics. This wide array made it hard for me to decide on my future path. While I ended up choosing a university major, I still strongly believe that a universal approach to knowledge and experience is the right one. Based on this I immediately loved the idea of NMUN when I came across it by chance. The project allows me to look outside my field of study, delve into the world of politics and sharpen my understanding of international relations. I´m very excited to be a part of this year’s delegation and believe we can do great things.