NMUN Delegation


    Das Finanzteam verwaltet unsere Sponsorenbeiträge und kümmert sich um Ausgaben, wie beispielsweise die Teilnehmerbeiträge für die Konferenz in New York. Wichtig ist dabei vor allem, nicht den Überblick über die Ausgaben für 20 Delegationsmitglieder zu verlieren.

    Pascal Smykalla

    China Business and Economics M.Sc., 3rd semester

    Since my undergraduate program in Chinese Studies in which I have been focused on China, its people, culture and the Chinese language, I have developed a great interest in politics particularly international relations and the United Nations.  I feel honored to represent Rwanda in the NMUN 2020 through which I hope to increase my understanding of the UN, its bodies and functions. Furthermore, I look forward to meeting students not only from other field of studies, but also from other countries with whom I share a common interest. I expect the mutual exchange and the work towards a common goal to be a great opportunity for personal growth!   

    Benedikt Sedlbauer

    Geography & Economics, 3rd semester

    We are living in a world where conflicts are increasingly having global impacts, so solutions can only be found on a global basis. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a global forum for discussion and exchange. The UN, with its 193 members, has achieved exactly that. That's precisely why I find it very exciting to look behind the scenes and see what the everyday life of the members of the United Nations looks like. Isn't it impressive that there is an institution where the USA and North Korea sit at the same table at the same time? Therefore, I really look forward to meeting exciting people and witnessing interesting stories on our way to New York.