NMUN Delegation


    Für die Mitglieder der Delegation ist die Teilnahme an der Model United Nations-Konferenz in Hamburg („HamMUN“) sowie einer weiteren Vorbereitungskonferenz innerhalb Europas verpflichtend. Außerdem findet im Januar eine Vorbereitungswoche in Berlin statt, in der wir die Gelegenheit haben, mit Mitgliedern des Auswärtigen Amts sowie weiteren ExpertInnen aus Politik und Zivilgesellschaft zu sprechen. Die Organisation dieser Treffen und der Reisen nach Hamburg und Berlin ist Aufgabe des „Orga Germany“-Teams.

    Julia Brockschnieder

    Political and Social Studies & Economics, 6th semester

    Before and especially during my studies I have become more and more convinced that the challenges our planet is facing can only be overcome through global dialogue and cooperation. Having learnt (and still learning) about the domains of action and working processes of the United Nations in the lecture halls, I’m now looking forward to experiencing international policy making in practice. What I like above all about the NMUN program is the concept of leaving one's own 'national' position behind and assuming the point of view of another country. I am excited about the upcoming conferences and the work with the other delegates!

    Merle Dierks

    Medicine, 6th semester  

    As I can´t make my money as a professional soccer player, I decided to take this wonderful opportunity to be part of the NMUN Delegation 2019. For me it is a chance to pursue my interest in politics, history and culture of other countries and to share unforgettable moments with the crew!  Ten months I've spent in Tanzania taught me to always be open minded and to adapt to new perspectives. Representing a country and therefore sometimes ideas and opinions which could be different from mine, helps to develop these abilities! And as you tend to say: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty!”. 

    Vanessa Barth

    Political and Social Studies & Geography, 3rd semester

    Having the opportunity to represent a country in the UN headquarters in New York was one of the main reasons I decided to join National Model United Nations. To get an insight view in the work, tasks and structure of the United Nations, I wanted to be part of this project. My interest in global issues, especially those related to the environment, led me to choose my studies in Political and Social Studies and Geography. My goal is to work for an international organization or an NGO. I am very thankful to be part of such a motivated delegation and I am looking forward to acquiring new knowledge and skills while participating in NMUN.