NMUN Delegation


    Der Höhepunkt des Projekts wird die Reise nach New York im März 2019 sein. Neben der Teilnahme an der Model United Nations-Konferenz stehen für uns auch eine Führung durch die UN-Gebäude sowie Treffen mit DiplomatInnen und VertreterInnen der Zivilgesellschaft auf dem Programm. Doch dazu muss im Vorhinein einiges organisiert werden: Von der Unterkunft in New York bis zu Treffen mit Mitgliedern unterschiedlicher NGOs in New York ist dies die Aufgabe des „Orga New York“-Teams.

    Emma Elena Evenz


    Based on my studies and my passion to travel, I visited amazing places all over the world and experienced numerous incredible adventures. I saw many impoverished people, met refugees, and dipped into different cultures or traditions. Overall, these personal witnesses remind me of both the beautiful and the darkest sides of our being. Driven by my ambitions to change something to the positive, I am really glad to be a part of the Delegation of the NMUN Würzburg in 2018/19. Because of my studies, I am used to work on international platforms and the Model UN seemed like a perfect addition to my work. The knowledge you gain from NMUN contributes to a better understanding of international policy and creates awareness of its influence to every one of us.  

    I look forward to working together with my Delegation including all the challenges we will be confronted with. Last but not least, I am really excited about talking to famous politicians and meeting new friends.

    Andreas Hahn

    Political and Social Studies & Philosophy, 3rd Semester

    More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations. “ - Kofi Annan, 1999 

    This quote is, especially in our time, the answer to the question why we need the United Nations. In a time where nationalism and unilateralism are on the rise, we need a strong answer to the problems of the people in the world. Also, the lack of knowledge in our society about the world outside the western hemisphere is striking. With this program I can educate myself to get a deep understanding about the UN and have a look beyond the edge of our sheltering life. That is my main impulse to participate at the NMUN-Delegation.