NMUN Delegation


    Für die Mitglieder der Delegation ist die Teilnahme an der Model United Nations-Konferenz in Hamburg („HamMUN“) sowie einer weiteren Vorbereitungskonferenz innerhalb Europas verpflichtend. Außerdem findet im Januar eine Vorbereitungswoche in Berlin statt, in der wir die Gelegenheit haben, mit Mitgliedern des Auswärtigen Amts sowie weiteren ExpertInnen aus Politik und Zivilgesellschaft zu sprechen. Die Organisation dieser Treffen und der Reisen nach Hamburg und Berlin ist Aufgabe des „Orga Germany“-Teams.

    Nassim Elsner

    Political and Social Studies & Public Law, 3rd Semester

    Studying PSS gave me a broad theoretical overview about national and international politics, and I quickly started to be amazed by the international relations and organizations and their growing role in today’s globalized world. With NMUN, I saw a chance to learn more about the practical side of the biggest supranational organization, the United Nations, and its processes and dimension. Also, I am looking forward to the challenge of discussing complex political matters in a foreign language and on the other side of the world. 


    Constantin Treisch

    Political and Social Studies & Economics, 3rd Semester

    International relations and international policy making are two parts I am highly interested in and taking part in NMUN is a great chance for me to get a view behind the curtain of the United Nations. Studying Political and Social Studies can be frustrating at some points because you hear a lot about theoretical ideas. NMUN gives me the chance to get some practical experiences and to fill the theoretical studies with some action. Needless to say, I was very happy when I heard that I will be part of this year’s delegation. Representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be a challenge but I am confident that we will manage it quite good. I am looking forward to having a great and interesting time together, to collect as much experiences as possible, make new friends and of course have a lot of fun.