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Accident Insurance and Accident Reporting

University students are covered by statutory accident insurance. Coverage includes all accidents occurring in direct connection with university-related activities undertaken during official university hours and on university premises. Coverage also includes travel to and from insured activities.


Postdoctoral researchers:

Postdoctoral researchers who have signed a service contract with their university are covered by statutory accident insurance under Section 2 Subsection 1 No. 1 Sozialgesetzbuch VII (social code, book VII, SGB VII), postdocs who have not signed such a contract with their university are covered under Section 2 Subsection 2 No. 1 SGB VII. The postdocs’ actual remuneration is irrelevant.

Placement students:

There are two scenarios: Students enrolled in a programme at a university or university of applied sciences complete a mandatory work placement as required by the academic and examination regulations for their degrees. They complete that placement either before they commence their programme, while they are studying that programme or after they have graduated. Or students complete a degree-related work placement that is not mandatory but gives them the opportunity to gain relevant experience.
The students’ university or university of applied sciences has no direct influence on the activities the students will undertake during their placement. Rather, placement students are involved in their host organisation’s operations. They are thus treated as employees and are covered by statutory accident insurance under Section 2 Subsection1 No.1 SGB VII. This means that they are not covered for accidents through their university.
The above is true irrespective of whether a placement is optional or mandatory as per the relevant academic and examination regulations.
Placement students are covered through their host organisation’s accident insurance provider (Section 133 Subsection 1 SGB VII).

Medical students:

Medical students need to complete practical hospital work (a so-called ‘medizinisch-praktisches Jahr’) at a university clinic or non-university teaching hospital. While completing that practical hospital work, students do not have accident insurance coverage under Section 2 Subsection 1 No. 8 c SGB VII. What has been said above about accident insurance coverage for placement students also applies to medical students.

Medical students completing their ‘Famulatur’ placements are also considered placement students and are thus covered through their host hospital’s accident insurance provider.

Individuals in the ‘Rechtsreferendariat’ stage of their training:

Individuals who were appointed into civil service for the duration of that stage of their training are exempt from statutory accident insurance; individuals who were not appointed into civil service are covered by statutory accident insurance under Section 2 Subsection 1 No. 1 SGB VII.

More information:

To learn more about student accident insurance, read this information leaflet (published in April 2008, available in German only) or click here (information provided on the linked page available in German only).

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Reporting student accidents:

Student accidents must be reported to the University’s Legal Department and Electoral Office.