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    Programmes for Qualified Professionals

    Section 1 Hochschulgebührenverordnung (Directive on Tuition Fees, HSchGebV) requires that individuals studying degree programmes for qualified professionals be charged tuition fees.

    Currently, there is only one programme for qualified professionals that you can study at the University of Würzburg:

    Psychological Psychotherapy (state examination)

    In the first six semesters of their enrolment, students in this programme will be charged €2,000.00 per semester in tuition fees.

    Further information can be found on the website of the continuing education programme.

    In addition, a semester fee will be payable each semester.

    The Hochschulgebührenverordnung directive

    Click HSchGebV to read the full text of the HSchGebV directive (available in German only).