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    Higher Education Entrance Qualification

    Read on to find out whether you are eligible for admission to undergraduate programmes (Bachelor’s, state examination) at the University of Würzburg.

    To qualify for admission to university, individuals must usually hold a general or a subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification. Subject to certain conditions, some professional qualifications also grant access to higher education.

    Please note that admission to some programmes is restricted while prerequisites for admission to other programmes include successful completion of an aptitude assessment procedure. Please also note that not all degree programmes offer summer intake. For the prerequisites for admission to the degree programme of your choice and more information, please refer to our list of degree subjects.

    If you are holding an undergraduate degree and seek admission to a Master’s programme, please read the information provided here.

    If you are a foreign national and acquired your higher education entrance qualification in a country other than Germany, please read the information provided on the pages of JMU’s International Office.

    Please note:
    The following pages cannot offer a comprehensive overview of higher education entrance qualifications. For detailed information on the legal provisions governing eligibility for admission to universities in Bavaria, please refer to the Verordnung über die Qualifikation für ein Studium an den Hochschulen des Freistaates Bayern und den staatlich anerkannten nichtstaatlichen Hochschulen  (Regulations on the qualification for study at universities of the Free State of Bavaria and state-accredited private universities, Qualifikationsverordnung - QualV) as amended from time to time.