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You may request to be disenrolled from the University, i. e. may withdraw permanently from the University, at any time, but you may also be disenrolled upon the initiative of the University due to reasons governed by Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz (Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act, BayHIG).

The process of disenrolment is regulated by Article 94 BayHIG in conjunction with Section 19 Immatrikulationssatzung (Enrolment Regulations) of the University of Würzburg. Listed below are the three most common reasons for disenrolment:

Students are disenrolled with effect from the end of the semester in which they pass their final examinations.

An examination is not considered passed until the competent examination bodies have officially determined that it has been passed. This means that students will not be disenrolled as soon as they have submitted their thesis or taken another examination but rather with effect from the end of the semester in which they passed - and their examiners corrected - their final examinations.


Students who failed all permissible attempts at passing an examination or assessment that they are required to pass as per the examination regulations must be disenrolled. Students who are permanently unable to fulfil the requirements for the registration for an examination or assessment due to reasons under their control must also be disenrolled unless they change degree programmes or subjects.

Students who fail to pay the fees due upon re-enrolment as well as students who fail to submit a health insurance certificate to demonstrate that they have health insurance coverage must be disenrolled.


Deadlines and other important information:

You may request to be disenrolled from the University of Würzburg at any time. Depending on your preference, you can be disenrolled either with effect from the end of a semester or with immediate effect at any time during a semester.

If you want to disenrol because you are transferring to another university or because you wish to take a break from your studies, we recommend that you disenrol with effect from the end of the current semester to guarantee that you have continuous insurance coverage. You can apply for disenrolment with effect from the end of a winter semester from mid-January onwards and for disenrolment with effect from the end of a summer semester from mid-June onwards. After the beginning of the semester, it is no longer possible to withdraw retroactively at the end of the previous semester.

If you are underage at the time you request to be disenrolled, please make sure your parents/legal guardians also sign the request. Informations for underage university students and their parents

The form you will have to complete is available for download in pdf format:

Application for disenrolment

After disenrolment, you should print out your disenrolment certificate and a presentation to Deutsche Rentenversicherung in WueStudy as soon as possible. Otherwise, please follow our instructions for printing out Official Documents. This will help you avoid future difficulties, e.g. when proving the periods that can be credited for Deutsche Rentenversicherung or when re-enrolling at another university.

The IT services of the University of Würzburg except WueStudy are no longer available to you after disenrolment. Students who were de-enroled after 31.03.2022 can still register in WueStudy for 10 years. Please also note the information provided by the Information Technology Centre on the validity period of your JMU account.


Refund of semester

Students who request disenrolment after they have re-enrolled to continue their studies in the semester in question can apply for a refund of the semester fees paid for said semester.

To find out if you are eligible for a refund and download the form you will have to complete, click "refund of semester fees".