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    Admission Thresholds for Restricted Admission Degree Programmes

    Please follow the links below for thresholds for admission to the first subject semester in degree programmes with local admission restrictions.

    For admission thresholds for Master's programmes , please refer to the bottom of this page.

    Thresholds for admission to programmes with national admission restrictions are available on the website of Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung - (successor of Zentrale Vergabestelle für Studienplätze (Central Office for the Allocation of Places in Higher Education, ZVS) in Dortmund) under ‘Downloads -> Daten & Statistiken’.

    Winter semester 2014/15   Summer semester 2015
    Winter semester 2015/16   Summer semester 2016
    Winter semester 2016/17   Summer semester 2017
    Winter semester 2017/18   Summer semester 2018
    Winter semester 2018/19   Summer semester 2019
    Winter semester 2019/20   Summer semester 2020
    Winter semester 2020/21   Summer semester 2021
    Winter semester 2021/22   Summer semester 2022
    Winter semester 2022/23    
    Click here for lists of admission thresholds in previous rounds of admissions (winter semester 2007/08 - summer semester 2014