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Bank Transfer

When you first enrol in a programme at the University of Würzburg or re-enrol to continue your studies in the upcoming semester, you will have to pay your semester fees. You have the option to pay those fees by bank transfer. Please use the following bank details:

Empfänger: StOK für Uni Würzburg
IBAN: DE27 7005 0000 4301 1903 15
Kreditinstitut: Bayerische Landesbank München

Please do not make payments to that account that are not related to your enrolment (sample transfer form) or re-enrolment (sample transfer form).

The reference line:

Reference: A-‘your application/registration number’ - ‘your surname, your first name’

‘A’ - Indicates that you are a new student enrolling in a programme.

‘Application/registration number’ - The number assigned to you when you enrolled online. You will find it in your letter of admission or the printout of your application for enrolment. 

In German, it is called either Bewerbernummer or Anmeldenummer. We need that number to be able to match your payment to your person.

Reference: M-‘your student ID number’-20242 - ‘your surname, your first name’

‘M’ - Indicates that you are an existing student re-enrolling to continue your studies in the upcoming semester.

‘Student ID number’ – Please indicate your student ID number. In German, that number is called Matrikelnummer.

‘20241’ - The first four digits stand for the year.

The last digit indicates the semester: 1 = summer semester, 2 = winter semester.

 Example: summer semester 2024 = 20241

                   winter semester 2024/25 = 20242

Do not forget to indicate your student ID number. We need that number to be able to match your payment to your person. Check WueStudy for the exact reference line and amount payable. To do so, either click the ‘Student services’ tile on the ‘My portal’ page. After you have done so, go to the ‘Payments’ tab.

In the ‘Actions’ column on the ‘Payments’ page, you will also find a breakdown of the amount payable and details of payments made by you in the past.

Standard bank transfers may take up to four working days.

To be able to process your application for enrolment, all we need is a document that proves that you have initiated the bank transfer. Documents we will accept as proof include bank statements and carbon copies of bank transfer forms stamped by your bank. Please submit such a document to us along with your other enrolment documents.

Your re-enrolment will become effective within 24 hours after the amount payable has been credited to our account, i. e. four days after your bank has processed the transaction at the latest. Bear in mind that your payment must have been credited to our account before the applicable re-enrolment deadline has passed, so please be sure to initiate the bank transfer in a timely manner. If four days have passed since you initiated the bank transfer and your re‑enrolment has not become effective, this is most likely to be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The reference line you used does not contain the information that we need in order to be able to automatically match your payment to your person.
  • You are barred from re-enrolling.
  • You have provided incorrect bank details.

If you encounter any issues regarding the payment of your semester fees, email us at Please be sure to check your bank statements before you get in touch.

In the past, the Staatsoberkasse Bayern has experienced some problems in processing real-time bank transfers, which have led to processing times for real-time transfers being longer than those for regular transfers. We therefore recommend that you use a regular bank transfer.

Incidentally, there are higher bank charges for a real-time transfer than for a normal bank transfer.


When transferring money from abroad (non-SEPA area), it happens time and again that all banks involved in the transaction charge fees. In this case, you have indicated the correct semester fee in your transfer, but only a part of it arrives at the University of Würzburg.

If this happens to you, we will inform you by email and ask you to transfer the missing amount. We can only complete your enrolment or re-enrolment once we have received the complete semester fee.