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Aptitude Assessment

Aptitude Assessment

While most programmes do not require an aptitude test, some do. See below for a list of programmes that require such a test. Assessment tests are usually offered once a year only. We would therefore advise you to sign up for the test while you are still in school or completing your service (military service, volunteer service, etc.). Failure to do so may delay your enrolment. Please be aware that you will not be able to study programmes that require an aptitude test if you do not pass that test!

Musikpädagogik (Science of Music Education)

15 January (for summer intake)

15 July (for winter intake)

Kunstpädagogik (Art Pedagogy) 30 June of each year
Musik (Music, teaching degree) 31 March of each year
Sport (Physical Education, teaching degree) 1 June of each year