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    Studentenwerk Fees

    Responsibilities of Studentenwerk Würzburg include providing financial assistance to students, operating student residences and dining facilities as well as providing child care and counselling services to students who are enrolled in public universities. Studentenwerk fees help pay for these services.

    Studentenwerk Würzburg currently charges a fee of €62.00 per student and semester.

    On principle, all students - including those who are on leave of absence - are required to pay the fee when they enrol or re-enrol to continue their studies in the upcoming semester.

    Who is eligible for exemption?

    Only those students who are enrolled at more than one higher education institution in Bavaria are eligible for exemption.

    Those students will only have to pay the Studentenwerk fees for the Studentenwerk/higher education institution they enrolled or re-enrolled at first.

    If you are eligible for exemption, please let us have an enrolment certificate for the semester in question that was issued by your other university. Please submit that document to us together with your application for enrolment or, respectively, in sufficient time prior to the beginning of the re-enrolment period. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to grant you an exemption from the fee.

    I was disenrolled. Can I get a refund for the fee?

    You will find information and an application form for reimbursement on our website "refund of fees".

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    For more information on Studentenwerk fees, see the web pages of Studentenwerk Würzburg.

    Bylaws on Studentenwerk Fees (Studentenwerksbeitragssatzung, available in German only)