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Swapping University Places

Due to a lack of available places, students enrolled in a restricted admission degree programme often encounter substantial difficulties when attempting to transfer to another university. This is why students were given the opportunity to swap university places.

The following prerequisites must be met:

  • It is imperative that the two swap partners are duly enrolled at a German university in the same degree programme and the same subject semester.
    Medical students who are in the clinical stage of their studies must be enrolled in the same clinical subject semester.
  • As a rule, the course and examination achievements of the swap partners must be equivalent; if you are studying medicine (clinical stage and praktisches Jahr (practical hospital work)), please note that you and your swap partner must have successfully completed the first state examination in medicine (Ärztliche Vorprüfung) and the second state examination in medicine (Zweiter Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung) in the same period of time.
  • Regulations in place at the University of Würzburg require that applications for a swap of university places be submitted no later than at the beginning of the lecture period of the semester in question.
    Please note that each swap partner must submit an application for a swap of university places to his/her current university.
  • Swaps involving more than two universities are allowed.
  • All universities involved in the swap must provide their consent for the swap to occur.
  • Important information!
    If, after the involved universities have provided their consent to the swap, only one of the swap partners accepts the swapped place and enrols while the other partner does not enrol or withdraws his/her enrolment shortly after having enrolled, the swap will be considered faked. In such cases, the swap will retroactively be rendered void. This will result in the compulsory disenrolment of the enrolled swap partner.

Click here to download the form you will have to complete if you want to transfer from the University of Würzburg to another university.


Places to search for swap partners:

  • Swap exchange sites (official search engines)
  • University notice boards
  • National newspapers