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Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)

Places on certain degree programmes are allocated via in what is called the ‘dialogue-oriented service procedure’ (DoSV).

The procedure is called ‘dialogue-oriented’ because you, the applicant, will be required to play an active part in the admission procedure - even after you have submitted your application for admission. You can, for example, re-prioritise your applications. Or you can accept an offer of admission.

You can submit online applications for admission to several universities. Your data will then be stored in a central database at It thus becomes possible to coordinate the preferences of applicants and the preferences of universities. The preferences of applicants can immediately be taken into account, and places that remain or become available can immediately be offered to other applicants.

The selection criteria for admission to programmes that are taking part in the dialogue-oriented service procedure do not differ from the selection criteria for admission to other programmes with local admission restrictions.

Information on the rules of coordination can be found at

An application for a DoSV course requires first a registration at, then a renewed registration at the online applicant portal of the University of Würzburg. After this registration you can immediately enter your application(s) in the application portal of the University of Würzburg and submit your application(s) online. The University of Würzburg will automatically synchronize your data with