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Underage University Students

General information

Taking up university studies does not only entail rights but also entails obligations for the student. Due to their limited capacity to contract, minors must therefore obtain consent from their parents or legal guardians. Proof that such consent has been given should be submitted no later than at the time of enrolling for a degree programme.

Consent to a minor taking up university studies covers all activities and obligations in connection with his/her university education as well as related declarations. These activities and obligations include in particular:

  • applying for admission, enrolling as well as re-enrolling to continue studies in the following semesters
  • the obligation to pay semester fees as well as any additional fees and charges that may be due (e. g. charges for overdue materials at the University Library)
  • the obligation to apply for or request all matters related to university studies and assessments/examinations in due time (applications for leaves of absence, a change of subjects, studying for two degrees at the same time, reasonable accommodation, deadline extension, registration for and withdrawal from assessments)
  • using the University Library
  • using IT services, unrestricted internet access in particular
  • attending courses and taking assessments offered by the University including courses offered by external institutions, placements, and field trips (this includes registering for both courses and assessments)
  • registering for and attending lab courses and exercises as well as adhering to safe laboratory practices
  • exercising both active and passive rights to vote
  • signing up for and participating in sports activities offered by the University (optional)

By giving their consent, parents or legal guardians also consent to letters, notifications, etc. from the University being sent directly to the student.

Semester fees and other charges

All students must pay their semester fees as well as any other fees and charges that may be due in a timely manner.

Dates and deadlines

For dates and deadlines, please refer to the Dates and Deadlines section (Fristen und Termine) of the website of the University of Würzburg or to the pages of the Examination Office.

Using the University Library as well as IT services

Students can use the University Library as well as IT services provided by the University of Würzburg for purposes connected to their university education. Once students have been officially enrolled, they will be granted access to University Library resources.

Before they can use IT services provided by the University (including internet access), students must create a student user account and must accept the respective terms of use. For this purpose, students will be emailed, once they have been enrolled, an activation code and a link via which they can activate their accounts. In a first step, they must accept the terms and conditions regarding usage of the IP infrastructure of the University of Würzburg (Nutzung der IV-Infrastruktur der Universität Würzburg) online. Once they have done so, students will receive the log in details (user name, password, email address) for their student user accounts. They should save these details electronically, print them out, and keep them for future reference. Important information regarding the students' university studies will be emailed by the University of Würzburg solely to this student email address (name.surname@stud‑

Internet access is not subject to restrictions. The University of Würzburg does not employ any human or technology-based solutions to ensure that minors do not have access to inappropriate web content (e. g. supervision by staff members or software to filter pornographic or criminal web content).

Parental authorisation

If applicants are underage at the time they apply for admission or at the time they are enrolled, consent must be obtained from their legal guardians (usually their parents).

To give their consent, legal guardians/parents must sign the relevant section of the application for admission or the application for enrolment.