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    Aptitude Assessment

    On principle, there are no admission restrictions in place for Master’s programmes. However, to qualify for admission, applicants must successfully complete an aptitude assessment procedure or must meet certain criteria. Please note that the above is not true for the following Master’s programmes: Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Clinical Neuroscience, International Economic Policy, Management, Media Entertainment, Psychology, Psychology of digital media and Information Systems. Admission restrictions are in place for these programmes, i. e. we will admit a limited number of applicants only. If you want to participate in the aptitude assessment and admission procedure, you must submit an application in due form and time.

    During the aptitude assessment procedure, the aptitude assessment panel will review the documents submitted by applicants and will make a decision as to whether the particular qualifications of applicants make them suitable for admission to a Master’s programme. Applicants who were not made an offer of admission in that first stage of the aptitude assessment procedure might be invited to attend a selection interview or sit a written test (please note that not all programmes will hold such interviews or tests). The applicable selection criteria for admission to the Master’s programmes offered by the University of Würzburg are defined in the FSB (subject-specific provisions, available in German only) for each programme.

    How do I apply for participation in the aptitude assessment procedure?

    If you want to take part in the aptitude assessment procedure, please submit your application in due form and time either via the Master’s portal[VC1]  of the University or, where required, directly to the competent Chair. Please note that you must submit your application by 15 July (for winter intake) or by 15 January (for summer intake). If you are a national of a country other than Germany, please submit your application to the International Office of the University of Würzburg.

    If you already have ECTS credits, you can apply for credit transfer. The decision on whether your previous study is eligible for credit transfer will be made by the competent aptitude assessment/admissions panel or examination committee. If your credits are recognised, it might be possible to admit you to a higher subject semester. For more information on credit transfer and the form you will have to complete, please refer to the pages of the Examination Office (available in German only).

    On principle, our Master’s programmes offer both winter and summer intake. However, some Master's programmes offer winter intake only. To find out whether the programme of your choice offers both winter and summer intake or winter intake only, click here.