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Master's Programmes: FAQs

You will have to submit your application for admission to a Master's programme, in due form and time, via the Master’s portal of the University. Please make sure you submit your application by 15 January (for summer intake) or by 15 July (for winter intake).agen.

Please submit your application to the International Office of the University of Würzburg. Application deadlines for non-German nationals do not differ from the application deadlines for German nationals (15 July for winter intake, 15 January for summer intake).

On principle, we do. However, some Master's programmes offer winter intake only. To find out whether the programme of your choice offers both winter and summer intake or winter intake only, click here.

Yes, you can, but please bear in mind that you must demonstrate that you have achieved either 120 or 150 ECTS credits (depending on the programme for which you want to apply) at the time you submit your application. In addition, admission to many subjects requires that you have achieved ECTS credits in relevant modules. For more information on admission criteria, please refer to the FSB (subject-specific provisions, available in German only) for the Master's programme of your choice.

You must have successfully completed your Bachelor's degree by the end of the re‑enrolment period of your first or, respectively, your second semester. For the exact deadline by which you must have submitted your Bachelor's certificate, please refer to the FSB (subject-specific provisions, available in German only) for the Master's programme in question.

Yes, you can. If you want to do so, please submit your application for a leave of absence to Student Affairs. For more information on the circumstances under which a leave of absence will be approved, click here.

Your previous study is eligible for credit transfer within the first subject semester, provided that the qualifications/examination achievements in question are considered equivalent. The final decision on credit transfer lies with the competent aptitude assessment/admissions panel or examination committee. For more information on credit transfer and the form you will have to complete, please refer to the pages of the Examination Office (available in German only). If you are unsure whether certain qualifications/examination achievements are considered equivalent, please consult with the competent degree programme coordinator or course advisor.

For all regulations and provisions governing the Master's programme of your choice, please refer to ASPO (general academic and examination regulations for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes) and the FSB (subject-specific provisions) for the Master's programme in question. Please be aware that those documents are available in German only. We would recommend that you read those documents before you submit your application for admission. They contain information on prerequisites for admission as well as other important information on your Master's programme.