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Prof. Dr. Berta Schulz, Chile

Prof. Dr. Berta Schulz, Chile

1. Please describe your (scientific) work/research in a short way.

I am Prof. Dr. Berta Schulz. I work as Assistant Professor at the chair of Toxicology at the school of Pharmacy at the University of Concepción. My focus of research is the effect of toxic compounds on fish and diverse cell lines, and genotoxicity of human occupational exposure like fume on firefighter.

2. Which aspect of a sustainable life, work and research is especially relevant for you and why?

The rational use of natural resources in human life, work and research is for me the principal aspect of sustainable life, because rational use of them results of a correct thinking and planification of the activities, which are related with the acquisition only of the necessary resources as well as its advantage with minimal waste production. If all people are more conscious of the importance of their role in the sustainability, our word would be more harmonious.

3. What would be your wish for the future (and why) with this regard?

I wish more collaboration between the world countries about these topics. Only a collaborative work will give the necessary input to materialize programs about sustainable life, work and research. It is matter of future life-quality.

4. How is the Corona crisis affecting you in your every-day life and work?

Corona crisis has changed my every-day life and work in many aspects. I cannot separate personal life from daily work, because I work in my house now. At the beginning of the Corona Crisis, it was more difficult to coordinate the family-time and work-time. The other point affected by Corona crisis is the research, we cannot do practical investigations in my house and the University is still partially closed. However, my research topics are able to continue by use online information reviews.