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Would you like to get a mentor?

Our professionals are volunteering to help you!

Working men and women, your mentors pass on their experience and vocationally tips to students, job beginners or doctoral candidates, i.e. their mentees.

Taking part in this mentoring program is useful if you are interested in entering into a career, making contacts and getting help with the search for an internship and insights into the industry you would like to work in.

Taking part in this program does not cost you anything. If you have not registered in our network you can do this here

After registering, please fill your answers (Button “Mentees”) about yourself and your future professional expactations. This information will help us find the perfect mentor for you.

The program will run for a year, there will be a kick-off and a feedback round. You and your mentor decide how you two would like your tandem to be like. At your first meeting you can get to know each other and see if you are a good match.

Everyone can join this program if one is keen to get to know professionals and profit from their personal advice. Taking part makes sense especially if you are at the end of your studies.

We are building up a Mentoring Network with Alumni of the University of Wuerzburg abroad. If you are interested in a Menteeship abroad just contact us here.