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The mentoring programme is an opportunity for students and young graduates of the JMU to get in touch with and receive advice from alumni and alumnae of the University of Würzburg.

If you are unsure where your studies can lead you, if you should complete a master programme or obtain a doctorate and how to structure your career path to reach your goals, you may rest assured that innumerous students of the JMU have asked themselves these questions.

Thanks to the mentoring programme, you can benefit from the experiences of alumni who are now in employment and working in a variety of interesting positions.

The programme offers you the opportunity to register for a initial conversation with a potential mentor or to participate in a one-year programme.


  • During the initial meeting, the mentee and mentor determine their goals and decide whether they are a suitable match.
  • The mentee and mentor also decide on a way of communication and whether the main focus should be e.g. professional orientation, finding contacts, writing a thesis, finding an internship or entering into professional life.
  • We accompany the mentoring tandems for one year. Mentor and mentee can decide whether they want to finish the programme earlier after reaching their goal or whether they need more time.
  • The framework programme involves a workshop at the career centre.
  • Participants are asked to give feedback.
  • After finishing the programme, all participants receive a mentoring certificate.

Areas that are often discussed during the mentoring programme:

  • Career entry
  • The relevance of a thesis for professional life
  • Whether to take a doctoral degree
  • Internships
  • Insights into professional practice
  • Finding valuable contacts

We also want to establish a strong mentoring network overseas. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail.

If you only need a short conversation to discuss some pressing questions, you can participate in the short mentoring programme! The registration process is the same, you also describe your request in the portal (see participation) and we find a suitable match for you.

Participating pays off!

You can registrate for the mentoring programme for free using the alumni portal. If you have not registered for the network yet, you can register here. The registration process only takes a few minutes.

In the portal you answer some questions about yourself to help us find a suitable mentor for you.

The programme will run for one year starting in December and includes a kick-off meeting and a feedback round. Of course you can also register after the programme has already started.

After finding a match, you and your mentor decide how to structure your tandem. During the first conversation you decide whether you are a suitable match.

We offer a short mentoring programme in cooperation with the Research Academy aimed at young scientists who are looking for a mentor for their academic career. Of course you can also establish longer mentoring tandems in the field of science. The process is the same as described above.