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Dr. Lily Rodgríguez

What does sustainable work and research mean to you? (not only in the ecological context)

Sustainable work implies a transdisciplinary effort to attain sustainability, from production to consumption, embracing all the governance and institutional enabling conditions for a better use and distribution of resources on Earth and taking into account the landscape approach – where nature has an important role to maintain our quality of life. It also means that the uses of our generation does not compromise the needs of future generations. This implies significant changes in concepts and policies of growth, development and land and sea uses.   I personally work on promoting dialogues between the scientific community and policy-makers in the framework of the Convention on Biological diversity – as my contribution towards those changes.


In your opinion, what need to be done to make the world more peaceful?

More respect for other cultures, territories, and accountability. Achieving the SDG could put us on the road.


How do you plan to share the results of the forum in a lasting way?

Will bring the results to my country (national commission on biodiversity) and the discussions at the CBD 15 COP.


Which animal would you consider the better human?

I guess bees, because they have an organization that works although some of the characteristics will not necessary apply to humans.