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Restoration of the church clock

For a long time, a high scaffold blocked the beautiful view of the tower of the Neubaukirche.

But even without the scaffold, you could not have seen the exact time on the clocks as they had to be removed and refurbished. These tasks are now completed - the clockhands are moving again and are looking more beautiful than before.

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The clocks had been active ever since the reconstruction of the church in 1982 after the 1945 bombing. The company "Bayreuther Turmuhren", which has also completed the recent restoration, had made sure that the clock of the Neubaukirche could be seen above the city from all directions. In the process, the tower clock was dismounted to allow for sandblasting cleaning, to exchange and refurbish parts made out of natural stone and to overhaul the joints. Broken pieces were replaced and the dials, the clockhands and the operators were cleansed and gilded with a paper-thin layer of leaf gold. The restoration was carried out with great carefulness to ensure a long operating time. The complete overhaul cost around 16,500 euros.

Today, the church clock is shining in new splendour above the rooftops of Würzburg.