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Prof. Manish Kumar Asthana

What does sustainable work and research mean to you? (not only in the ecological context)

For me, sustainable work means having a pleasant and motivating environmental condition for an individual. It should encourage individuals to build a self-sustaining ecosystem. By research, I mean a process which can explore and investigate answered and unanswered questions from day-to-day life. The objective could range from average to critical topics. However, the plan is always to create and support a sustainable workplace.


In your opinion, what needs to be done to make the world more peaceful?

To make the world more peaceful, we need a Collaborative research platform, sharing resources, giving opportunities to more, and encouraging young minds to focus on learning and education and addressing issues like sex differences, gender equality, racial-biasedness, disabilities, etc.


How do you plan to share the forum results in a lasting way?

Building social networks, inviting foreign research individuals to our native country, can organize online sessions, hosting online sessions.


Which animal would you consider the better human?

A turtle.