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Science Slam 2021

The Science Slam 2021 took place on Friday, 5th November 2021 from 7-9 p.m. It was held both online and in person. The event in the AOK lecture haul “Am Hubland” was held in compliance with 3G plus regulation and mandatory masks when seated.

The event was introduced by the winner of last year's Science Slam, Dr. Diego D’Angelo.

The spectators selected alumnus Dr. Sebastian Markert as the winner – the votes consisted of those present in the lecture hall and those who participated via Zoom. While the votes of the live audience were measured according to the volume of their applause, the online audiance voted directly via Zoom. The results were added up with the help of the university's Rechenzentrum (technology centre) to ensure a fair result.

You can find the portraits of our 2021 Slammers here, as well as a short post-report from the alumni office and the JMU press office’s press release in the weekly newsletter ‘einBlick’. All information is provided in German.