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Europe, Latin America, Africa, and India -
Science and Sustainability

Since the end of colonialism and the Cold War the international balance of power regarding politics, as well as economics, has changed considerably. Rising nations in Latin America, Africa, and India are striving for living standards similar to those found in Europe and the United States. With an ever increasing population, however, such a development poses a threat of overexploiting natural resources. In order to enable sustainability on the one hand and secure peace on the other, it is crucial that such challenges are met with an increase in knowledge exchange, intercultural dialogue, and technological advances. For that reason the European Union (EU) has established strategic partnerships with countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. 

The Euro-IBSA-Week will last for nine days. The main focus of the alumni workshop is sustainable development which undoubtedly will be a crucial issue and a major challenge for all nations in the future. After all, neither economies nor societies will be able to function and flourish without an intact environment. The goal is to determine, identify, and discuss existing approaches which would lead to sustainable exchange between international alumni and the regions mentioned above. The results shall be reflected upon, analyzed, and developed with the help of scientific and corporate experts as well as representatives from local institutions.  

A productive and active exchange across all areas is increasingly important. Life Sciences and Natural Sciences (geography, geology, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, physics, etc.) will be at the heart of the alumni week. Diverse topics such as energy, resources (soil, water, ore, etc.), and biodiversity will be discussed along with the resulting problems and implications which will be considered and evaluated from a philosophical and ethical perspective. Questions regarding civil society and international politics will round-up the agenda.

Through their participation, the alumni will meet distinguished guests, take part in an interesting program, and discuss challenging topics from the 4th to the 13th of July 2014. Social and professional exchanges are just as much a part of the program as are lectures by experts in the fields of politics, science, and economy among others. In addition, visits to scientific institutions and festivities at the recently extended campus Hubland Nord might spark your interest.

The goal of the alumni week is to strengthen the bonds between the former students of Würzburg University. After all, as part of our network it is you who can best serve as source and benefactor of newly introduced or expanded cooperations. Together we can work towards the change that we would like to see in the world.