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Marcie Woodard, M.A.

What does sustainable work and research mean to you? (not only in the ecological context)

Sustainable research, outside the ecological context, includes realizing one’s abilities, picking achievable goals, and working efficiently to archive those goals so as to avoid burnout. More generally, research is exploring the unanswered and unknown, enjoying the art of fact-finding, and reporting those findings to improve our lives. 


In your opinion, what needs to be done to make the world more peaceful?

It starts with the future generations. We must invest in education from birth, so children can have a broader perspective and appreciate theirs and others’ backgrounds. From childhood, it is important to respect and value others. That way, in adulthood, the behavior is established.


How do you plan to share the results of the forum in a lasting way?

I will take what I have heard, discussed and admired here, and share those lessons learned with other international friends and colleagues. 


Which animal would you consider the better human?

None. What animals have done more for the betterment of human kind than humans?