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Guy Eshun

What does sustainable work and research mean to you? (not only in the ecological context)

For me, sustainable work and research means working and researching to meet the needs of the current generation without negatively affecting/compromising the ability of generations of the future from meeting their own needs also. In both private and social lives, there is the need to practice sustainable living in order to safeguard the future. This means doing things like avoiding the use of products made or packaged in plastics whenever possible, practicing water conservation by avoiding water wastage, walking or using the bike more to augment the efforts at reducing global warming. At workplaces, equipment must be powered down after work whenever possible. These practices and many others will work in synergy to promote sustainability.


In your opinion, what needs to be done to make the world more peaceful?

The media must recognize the right of all to life and media organizations involved in spreading hate must put a stop to it. Wealth must be shared fairly. Sale of arms must be controlled. Heavy spending on aggressive militarization is making tensions rise in the world. Practices that negatively affect our climate and the environment must be avoided as this may lead to conflict over land and water. At the individual level, we must respect people around us, listen to their concerns and care about what happens to them. Each one of us can make the world peaceful by helping to stop the ‘them-and-us’ thinking within ourselves and others and spread love.


How do you plan to share the results of the forum in a lasting way?

I plan to share the results of the forum in a lasting way by using social media to spread the message. In my country (Ghana), I plan to make seminar presentations to institutions and the public and write articles to be published in the print as well as the electronic media. I will let my personal life communicate to my neighbours and people who work with me. I will practice sustainable living to send a message to all who come into contact with me.


Which animal would you consider the better human?

I will consider the honey bee the better human. Bees are among the most important pollinators, ensuring the sustainability of most plant lives and supporting the food system of mankind and other animals. Pollination ensures the plants pollinated reproduce new plants of their kind. These plants clean the air, serving as a carbon sink and providing habitats for wildlife.