Research Training Group 2660: Approach-Avoidance

    RTG 2660 Funded


    We are thrilled to announce that the DFG will fund our Research Training Group 2660 on the Neural mechanisms of (mal)adaptive approach and avoidance behaviour.

    The RTG involves researchers with psychological, psychiatric and neurobiological backgrounds and explores approach and avoidance behaviour on multiple descriptive, interferential and analytical levels. A structured qualification programme will ensure that PhD students receive broad training on state-of-the-art theoretical and practical levels, they will learn a wide range of methods in the involved laboratories and receive individual supervision and mentoring to enable them to grow personally, professionally, and academically.

    Researchers who obtained their PhD within the RTG will be well-qualified for a scientific career (e.g., postdoctoral programs, tenure-track programmes) in neuroscience, neurobiology or psychology or for a career outside academia in the pharmaceutical industry, the biological sector, psychological counselling services or technological companies.