Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Scientific Program

    Weekly Jour Fixe

    Our Graduates come together once a week during the University Semester to participate in a comprehensive training programme in immunology. This weekly 'Jour-Fixe' takes place every Thursday from 8:15-9:30a.m. in the Seminar Room at the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology. Under the 'Jour-Fixe' page you can have a look to the Programme of the seminars the Graduates have been attending for the last semesters. 

    Annual Retreat

    A highlight of the scientific programme is the Annual Retreat with the Graduate College 1660 'Adaptive Immunity' from Erlangen and since 2007, also with the Graduate College 794 'Immune Processes' from Tübingen.  During the three day Retreat, the Graduates have the opportunity to present their PhD work to a wider audience and receive constructive criticism in a relaxed atmosphere. 

    Courses run by the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    The Graduate College "Immunomodulation" is part of the Würzburg International Graduate School for Life Sciences (GSLS).  In 2006, the GSLS became one of the first graduate programmes in Germany to be recognised and financially supported by the Government's "Excellence Initiative". 

    Our Graduates have the opportunity to acquire additional skills by participating in the courses and workshops regularly organized by the GSLS on topics such as Scientific Writing, Poster Preparation, Oral Presentation Techniques, Statistics for Biologists, Project Management, Grant Writing and for our many foreign students - German as a Second Language. 

    International Symposium Organized by the Students of the GSLS

    Our Graduate Students participate in organizing an interdisciplinary biology symposium  in Würzburg. The symposium is organized entirely by students from the Graduate School of Life Sciences. During the past years, students from our Graduate Program have hosted the following speakers:

    2010 'Chiasma. On the Crossroads of Research'
    Prof. Ana Cumano, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

    2009 '(R)evolution Research. Life and Science: a Journey through Time '
    Prof. Jim Kaufman, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

    2007  'Drilling into Life’s Depths: Innovative Techniques in Molecular Biology'
    Prof. Jaques Neefjes, National Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

    2006  'From Bench to Bedside: Molecular Approaches for Novel Therapies'
    Prof. James Allison, Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York

    2005  'Cell Fate Decisions in Health and Disease'
    Prof. Harald von Boehmer, Harvard Medical School, Boston