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    Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Graduate Program 'Immunomodulation'

    The Graduate Program Immunomodulation is a training programme for students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) and medical students of the University of Würzburg, who carry out doctoral-level studies in the area of immunobiology. The academic training program started in January 2000 with the DFG (German Research Council)-sponsored Graduate College Immunomodulation, which ran for the maximum of three funding periods until December 2009.

    The hallmark of doctoral studies in the GSLS is an interdisciplinary structured doctoral training, in which the scientific and transferable skills of the student are improved with the participation in a series of seminars and activities in addition to the laboratory work.

    The Graduate Program Immunomodulation provides seminars (see 'Scientific Programme'), aimed at acquiring a broad understanding of the interdisciplinary field of immunomobiology, and improving scientific communication techniques. Apart from the seminars, a highlight of the scientific programme is the Annual Retreat with the Graduate College 592 'Lymphocytes: Differentiation, Activation and Deviation' from Erlangen and since 2007, also with the Graduate College 794 'Immune Processes' from Tübingen.  During the three day Retreat, the Graduates have the opportunity to present their PhD work to a wider audience and receive constructive criticism in a relaxed atmosphere. Additional courses are offered through the GSLS.

    The program is proud of its international membership; over the years our students have come from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Georgia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela and  Vietnam.  Under the 'Members' page, you will find a short description of the various projects that the students are currently working on.

    If you are a doctoral student working on an immunology related project and you want to participate in the Graduate Program Immunomodulation do not hesitate to contact us.