Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Strobel, Marlene

    Name: Marlene Strobel

    PI: Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Beilhack

    Institute: Department of Medicine II, University Hospital Würzburg

    Funding: TRR124 FungiNet

    Project: We investigate the benefit of an adoptive neutrophilic granulocyte transfer into neutropenic mice to combat invasive pulmonary infections caused by the saprophytic mold Aspergillus fumigatus. For this, we employ different neutrophil mobilization strategies to ensure high neutrophil numbers as well as neutrophils with boosted antifungal effector functions. The most important techniques for this project are multiparameter flow cytometry, non-invasive bioluminescence imaging, CLSM, and 3D light sheet fluorescence microscopy.