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There are many useful web resources that address  issues of everyday life for students and researchers in Germany, true of course also for Würzburg. As a suggestion:


Euraxess Germany

Respective information espcecially for Würzburg comes from the

University's international office

Würzburg - A Scholarly City

Würzburg can look back on a documented history of more than 1300 years. It is situated at the banks of the river Main, a privileged site for settlements since ancient times and a passageway for the migration of peoples, ideas and goods. Ever since its Christianisation in the 7th century, Würzburg has been a cultural, clerical, scholarly and administrative center. This shows in the accumulation of many treasures of art and architecture (and the myriads of tourists that come to see them), but also in the general way of living.

Nowadays, Würzburg has one of the youngest populations of all German cities, not least due to the 34000 students, that make up for a fifth of the city's population. 24000 of them are enrolled at the University of Würzburg alone, including 1700 foreign students from more than 100 countries.  

Life in Würzburg is correspondingly very much tuned to the demands of young adults, multi-faceted and international, but still manageable in size, making you feel at home immediately.

The City of Würzburg provides a lot of information at

A very nice overview of what it is like to live in Würzburg was compiled by the International Office. Have a look!