MSc Life Sciences



Candidates invited for interview will either come to Würzburg (travel subsidies provided) if they are based in Europe or happen to be nearby during the interview day. All others will be interviewed by video conference according to procedures established at the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

The interview always is in front of the admission board and consists of

  • a presentation (10 min) by the candidate about a recent research project of their own (e.g. Bachelor thesis work)
  • a discussion about the presentation and a general interview (10 min each)

The interview will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Presentation: English / rhetoric standard, introduction, results (presentation, didactics, design), quality of experiments (controls, standards, statistics), critical reflection (interpretation), summary, 10 min limit matched
  • Discussion: Eagerness to discuss, ability to comprehend questions, meaningful answers, ability to put own work in scientific context, ability to respond to critical questions
  • General Interview: Reflection of scientific career plans, knowledge of current developments in the life sciences, general knowledge, communicative behavior