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    curfew survival guide

    The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging all of us. Even though everyone has their own problems, we are kind of stuck in the same situation. The curfew imposed on all federal states in Germany is forcing is to spend much more time at home than we are used to and we know it is something not everyone can handle.

    That is why we decided to collect some tips and tricks to help you get over never ending Sundays or even inspire you when boredom tries to win you over. But don't forget: doing absolutely nothing is completely okay, too!


    How to finish your tasks and survive the day

    1. Try to maintain your daily routine: There is nothing wrong about sleeping in or skipping a few hours but starting your day around the same time as you regularly do can help you through these rough times. This way your mind and body can recover and doesn’t have to cope with frequently changing routines.
    2. Think about what you want to do the next day before you go to sleep or in the morning while eating breakfast. This gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself and to avoid postponing tasks.
    3. Try to set dates for video chatting with your friends and family or talking on the phone. Or writing letters and finding an owl to transport them. ;)
    4. Breaks are an important part of any plan, too! Regardless of what the weather is like, take some time to move your muscles or to calm down and relax. Both is even better when the sun is out!
    5. Take some time off your phone and notebook. Everyone is trying to keep themselves updated and in contact with other people and social media detox may be a myth but I guess we still have not merged with our smartphones. How about leaving the phone at home whenever you go out for your walk?
    6. You don’t have anything urgent to do? That is great! But try to give yourself at least something to do. This way you can look back and still feel like you achieved something. Who knows, maybe you just took care of something you normally would have postponed until the last moment.

    Go out

    The weather is great? You just want to break out? Then go for it!

    1. The sun is shining, a bright blue sky: It is the perfect time to go. Put on some warm clothes and take a walk. That’s a weather you can enjoy even by yourself.
    2. You have got a balcony or a terrace? Lucky you! Our recommendation: Get yourself a hot drink of your choice, turn into a blanket burrito and join your favourite characters in a book on their journey. EDIT: replace blanket for sunscreen ;)
    3. Whether while taking a walk or from your balcony, do you see any birds or flowers? Try to name them or even grow some of the latter. It's the perfect time to learn something about all the living things around you.
    4. Some love it, some hate it, but you cannot deny: Looking through the window is much more enjoyable if it is clean. So why not use your time to do it now?

    Having fun while stuck inside

    As we can not always count on the weather we thought about how to spend a day inside.

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    1. Socializing: Unless it is urgent people are neither allowed to go outside nor to meet people. That sounds really lonely but there are other ways to keep in contact: Phone calls, texting, (video) chatting (via Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, LINE, …), writing letters or e-mails.
    2. Imagine a mildly cold, rainy afternoon in upcoming fall. How would you spend that day? What comes to our mind is a super cozy and comfy space where you spend your time with music, a good book as well as a hot drink and cookies. No matter how, just create a space for yourself where you can feel comfortable.
    3. Combining boring work with fun. We have two suggestions how to keep your house clean while having fun:
      1. Turn on the music and let your inner dancer come out. Neither do you have to behave while cleaning nor finish asap.
      2. Call out to your friends to make a bet and clean together. Who is faster? Who is neater? The advantages: Having a chat, social contact and a clean room :D
    4. Do you know Marie Kondo? No need to follow her organizing routine but why not have a look at you closet and sort out stuff you don’t need. You could even sell them via Kleiderkreisel or other online platforms and make money.
    5. You have always wanted to learn a new language but could not make time for it? Now you have! There are dozens of websites or apps that help you learn the basics of other languages and a lot of them are for free.
    6. Always wondered about what your inner artist is doing right now? If he or she was too shy or busy until now you finally have the chance to hang out with them again. When was the last time you painted or doodled for a bit? Have you tried origami or embroidery yet? If not give it a try :)
    7. You have been a little bit to creative and do not know what to do with all your art? We recommend sending it to your friends and family. We are sure they will be pleased
    8. Looking for a way to walk through life as a relaxed person? Try some yoga or meditation. Maybe you come to like it so much that you keep up with it after the crisis ends. And there are lots of YouTube channels where you can look for yoga inspiration or get some meditation company.

    Important note

    Remember that you don’t need to force yourself. The crisis affects all of us and it is easy to forget that it is completely fine to just do nothing sometimes.


    You have more ideas?

    If you think we forgot something important or just have more ideas, please feel free to send us an e-mail to give others the opportunity to benefit from your creativity.

    -Text: Stella Gaus, Fotos: Marianne Böhm