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    Members and committees of the students' representation

    A guideline...

    ... on committees and hierarchies

    The structure of the student representation differs from federal state to federal state, and since the reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act due to the possibilities of the "experimental clause" also from university to university. On the following pages we would like to introduce you to the various committees of the university and their members and show you which tasks are legally associated with the respective position. Under the keyword university elections, we show who actually gets their office and how, and above all how you can take part in this process!

    Students' representation

    The student representation at our university consists of the following committees and offices:

    The student representatives represent the students 'on site' at the ten individual faculties. Two of your elected members are sent to the council of student bodies.

    In addition, the members of the student council form the student parliament together with 20 other students elected by list.

    Every year, the student parliament elects 7 people for the student government, who are responsible for the practical implementation of the resolutions.

    The directly elected student senators have a special status. By virtue of their office, they are members of the Senate, the University Council, the Student Parliament and the Student Government.