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    Members and committees of the students' representation

    A guideline...

    ... on committees and hierarchies

    Student representations of different universitys vary in structure. Here, we want to give you an overview of the different committees in which students are organized and represented. You can also see learn how the members get elected  to their offices and - most importantly - how you can take part in the process!

    Students' representation

    These committees and offices make up the JMU's students' representation:

    The student body representatives each represent the students from their faculties. Among them, each faculty elects two members to speak in the student bodies' council. These 20 council members also take part in the students' parliament, together with 20 members that all students elect from lists every year.

    The students' parliament elects 7 people as "speakers", an executive board which is responsible for the in-practice implementation of the parliament's decisions.

    The two student senators are elected directly by all students. They are members of the university senate and university council, but also of the parliament and executive organ of the students.