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    Student Government

    The Student Government in 2022/2023

    Your student government consists of seven students who are committed to your concerns at the University of Würzburg. We are elected by the student parliament. In addition, the student senators who were directly elected in the university elections, are members of the government.

    Questions, comments or similar are welcome by email to ssr@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Pictures and introductory texts will follow.


    Members of the Government:

    - Pia May (president)

    - Matthias Frerichs (vice president)

    - Michael Kreuzer (domestic politics)

    - Clara Betsch (foreign politics)

    - Selina Mutzbauer (anti-discrimination)

    - Julian Mader (events)

    - Lewe Bahne Lorenzen (public relations)


    Student senators:

    - Henry Mörtl

    - Phillip-Daniel Schmoll