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How to Enrol Online in Programmes/Subjects with Local Admission Restrictions

The enrolment period will start

  • early August for winter intake (see letter of admission for exact date)
  • early February for summer intake (see letter of admission for exact date)

During the respective periods, you will find a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to the enrolment portal.

On the following pages, you will be able to:

  • print out your letter of admission or rejection (strongly recommended!),
  • enter the remaining details that are required for online enrolment (if you were offered admission), and
  • print out your application for enrolment.

German nationals, foreign nationals holding a German higher education entrance qualification as well as applicants from EU countries other than Germany will be able to enrol via the web portal of the University of Würzburg. Other foreign nationals will have to contact the International Office of the University.

The procedure described here is for first-year students who want to enrol in a degree programme with local admission restrictions.

You will not be able to apply for a change of degree subjects or permission to study for two degrees via the enrolment portal. Please consult with your contact at the University if you want to change degree programmes or study for two degrees.

 How do I enrol in programmes/subjects with local admission restrictions and print out my documents?

Am I eligible to enrol?

To be eligible to enrol, you must have received a letter of admission from the University of Würzburg.

The enrolment procedure

  •  Please log in to the application and enrolment portal of the University of Würzburg (see link at the bottom of this page).

Log in details:

"user name"
(the user name you were assigned when you registered to the web portal of the University of Würzburg)

(the password you set when you registered to the web portal of the University of Würzburg)

  • Go to the ‘My application’ section,
  • print out the letter of admission that is available for download,
  • click ‘Apply for enrolment’, and enter the remaining details in the portal.
  • Your application for enrolment will be available for download in PDF format; please print out two copies (one for the University of Würzburg and one for your records),
  • return one signed copy to the University of Würzburg along with the documents listed on the printout, and
  • transfer your semester fees to the account of the University (see application for enrolment for bank details and the exact amount payable).
  • Done...
    The enrolment process will be completed once the University of Würzburg has received your application for enrolment and supporting documents, your semester fees have been credited to the account of the University, and the respective checks and reviews have been completed. After the process has been completed, three confirmation emails will be sent to the email address you specified in your documents. You will need those emails to be able to activate your JMU account and student ID card. If you do not receive the emails, please check your spam folder. You might have to disable auto-deletion of spam messages.
Enrolment deadline See your letter of admission for enrolment deadlines.

Printing out official documents

Do make sure you print out your official documents for your records (you might need them for matters related to child benefit etc.). Once the admission procedure has been completed, you will no longer have access to those documents and neither will the University.

Implementation of the Hochschulzulassungsverordnung (Directive on the Admission to Universities, HZV) requires the University of Würzburg to collect the data which is collected in the enrolment form. Completing the fields marked ‘*’ (‘required’) is mandatory; applicants who do not do so will not be able to participate in the online enrolment procedure. The obligation to provide the information in question arises from Article 87 Subarticle 2 Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz (Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act, BayHIG). The fields not marked ‘*’ (‘required’) should be completed if the applicant is in a position to provide the information in question. The applicant's personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Bayerisches Datenschutzgesetz (Bavarian Data Protection Act, BayDSG) as amended from time to time.



I confirm that I have read the above important information and notices, in particular on data protection

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