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Mission Statement

Teaching Mission Statement

Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg (JMU) is an internationally renowned university offering a wide spectrum of fields of study. In the areas of research and teaching, it has generated results of global importance. The university is committed to the continued provision of excellent research and teaching in all fields of science. The university is aware of its responsibility for meeting the needs of society and supporting ethical values in research and teaching at the international level.

Today, JMU offers more than 150 degree programs which prepare our students for a wide range of occupational fields. In keeping with its motto Veritati, meaning “Committed to Truth”, JMU is committed to the conviction that good learning and teaching at universities must always be based on high quality research.

In the university’s mission statement, teaching takes high priority – three of the fifteen main points focus on teaching:

“Good learning: Quality teaching”

“Research-based teaching: Promoting learning among younger individuals and lifelong learning”

“New ways to impart knowledge: Future-oriented teacher training”

Mission Statement of JMU