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Internationally Oriented Programs of Study

Courses held in foreign languages and international study programs at German universities are becoming increasingly important for the recruitment of international students. English language programs in particular enhance the appeal of a university. In addition to offering over 100 subjects of study, the University of Würzburg also boasts an excellent range of internationally oriented study programs.

Although it does not make sense to offer courses in a foreign language in every field of study, teachers can still consider the possibilities in their field and potentially design such a course. JMU provides various support services for its academic staff which can aid them in doing so.

If teachers offer courses in other languages, they should absolutely state the language in which a course will be taught in the corresponding field in the course catalog on WueStudy when creating the course page; otherwise, international students will be unlikely to find the course.

Students at JMU benefit from an internationally oriented study program in a variety of ways. They can actively apply their knowledge in the international language of their field and better prepare themselves for the global job market. In addition, the continuous admission of international exchange students at JMU correspondingly increases the number of available spots at partner universities for those Würzburg students who wish to spend part of their studies abroad.