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Internationalization of University Teaching Methodology

In its lecture and workshop series Internationalisierung der Hochschuldidaktik|Internationalization of Teaching and Learning, ProfiLehre provides teachers at JMU and the partner universities of the Bavarian network ProfiLehrePlus with manifold possibilities to optimize their teaching with regard to the challenges of globally oriented education.

ProfiLehre’s lecture and workshop series enhances the profile of its university teaching qualification offer for globally oriented and culturally sensitive education. It may be seen as a key component of JMU’s internationalization strategy, in which globally oriented and interculturally competent thinking and action in research, teaching, and administration as well as the mobility and networking of globally active researchers are central goals.

Analogous to the five work areas of the regular seminar program, the series of lectures and workshops provides the opportunity to work on the following focus areas while acquiring a certificate:

  • Culturally Sensitive Teaching / International Classroom (Area A)
  • English Language and Communication Practice (Area B)
  • University Teaching Workshops in English (Areas A-E)
  • Intercultural Sensitization / Reflection (Area D)
  • Advisement of International Students (Area E)

All seminar and coaching offers are seamlessly structurally integrated into the existing program for the acquisition of the Bavarian University Teaching Certificate (Zertifikat Hochschullehre Bayern).  The lectures, workshops, and coachings on internationalization belong to the basic level and are thus offered free of charge.

Last but not least, these ProfiLehre teaching services also function as a platform for collegial exchange between foreign as well as German educators, and thus make an important contribution to successful “internationalization at home”.

In the framework of one-on-one or group coaching, you can also work intensively on your own topics and issues with regard to good, diversity-conscious teaching practice. ProfiLehre can provide you with a coaching opportunity or specific coach with an appropriate area of focus for your needs.

Website “Internationalization of University Teaching – ProfiLehre”

The development of internationalized university teaching practices is part of the agenda of the joint project ProfiLehrePlus in Bavaria. By the end of 2020, seminar and coaching services with a focus on internationalization will be introduced – both in multi-institution cooperation and as site-specific projects – and international partnerships to facilitate the exchange of subject-specific university teaching knowledge will be established.

ProfiLehrePlus: Online Presence

Here you may find offers for current workshops at the Bavarian partner universities and at DiZ – Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik on the subject of internationalization. Please note that these are external services.

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