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Academic Publication Management with WueResearch

Features of WueResearch

WueResearch is a browser-based application software combining the tools of classic literature management with the features of institutional publication management, enabling users to enter, share and use scientific literature.

With the help of WueResearch scientists at JMU can:

  • collect and manage publications effectively.
  • organize publications through the usage of tags.
  • export single publications for the purpose of citation.
  • create and export entire bibliographies.
  • uniformly display bibliographies on the JMU homepage for the public.

At the institutional level WueResearch enables to collect and represent the publication activities of all researchers at JMU. With this it support the institutional reporting and benchmarking activities (e. g. as part of enquiries by ministries or research funding organizations).


  • You can access the current version of WueResearch  here. 


  • Access to WueResearch is only possible through the network of JMU. For access from outside the campus a VPN-connection is required!
  • Please use the password and user name of your JMU account to log into the system.

Detailed User Manual Describing the Core Functionalities of WueResearch

(currently only available in German)