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    NMUN Delegation


    Da das Model United Nations-Projekt für die Mitglieder der Delegation mit erheblichen Kosten verbunden ist, ist es die Aufgabe dieses Teams, Sponsoren zu finden, die Teile des Gesamtbetrags übernehmen oder bereit sind, uns anderweitig zu unterstützen (z.B. mit Informationsmaterial, einem Gastgeschenk für ReferentInnen oder Verköstigung für unser Kennenlernwochenende).

    Teja Celik

    Political and Social Studies, 5th Semester

    I can't believe that I'm a part of the NMUN Delegation 2018/19. The United Nations gets criticized daily, but this organization works every day to solve problems all over the world. It's a huge chance for me and an experience I'll never forget. I'm really excited to work with the other delegates and our coaches to learn more about the United Nations, diplomatic behaviors and the country we'll represent in New York, which will be challenging. I want to learn as much as possible, because NMUN is a great opportunity to understand the United Nations in all their fields. 

    It'll be an exciting journey, we're going to meet many interesting people and cities.  

    Let's start this adventure! 

    Gözde Karababa

    Biomedicine, 3rd Semester

    I’ve joined the NMUN Delegation Würzburg because I see myself as a world citizen. This means that every problem of a human being is my problem as well. It is a privilege to serve others and find solutions to their problem, which is one of the biggest tasks of the UN. But how does it work? How do they agree on resolutions? As a student with no political or social major, I think NMUN is the best way to learn about it and also answer my questions by being practical, which will stick for a lifetime. 


    Anna Kirchner

    Geography & Political and Social Studies, 3rd Semester

    Sometimes, reading news about world politics really gets to me… I am worried about so many topics from wars to climate change, where to me, it seems obvious that something needs to be done! And I don’t understand why responses don’t happen much faster. But in reality, I guess, it is just not that easy…  

    By participating in NMUN, I want to get a better understanding of how the United Nations work and why they also sometimes don’t work at all. I think it is a unique opportunity to see the world from a different angle than the Western European one and to develop tolerance towards different opinions. Next to learning a lot, I am also looking forward to having a lot of fun and exciting experiences! 

    Benjamin Osei-Ntiamoah

    Political and Social Studies, 3rd Semester

    I wanted to be a part of the NMUN project because I've always been interested in international relations and politics. The work of the United Nations is so important that the opportunity to be able to experience the very same environment is something I consider especially valuable. I think this project is a great way to get a grasp of the working processes of the UN as an institution and to develop a certain skillset related to these processes. 

    Niklas Rauch

    Political and Social Studies & French Translation, 3rd Semester

    Practical experience is key for a successful future. In fact, most of my friends don’t really have a professional goal in mind. Studying something without knowing why? What a waste if you ask me. NMUN is a unique chance to get an insight into international politics. You’ll learn what it means to be a delegate and to represent a country’s opinion on various subjects. Most importantly, it will allow you to judge whether being a professional assemblyman suits you or not. After having taken part in this project for several weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely want to do more practical experiences of this kind. Not only the vision of your business life, but also your political knowledge, your English skills and ultimately your circle of friends will greatly widen. NMUN is basically an all-in-one starter pack for everyone interested in Politics.