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    NMUN Delegation


    Unsere Coaches sind StudentInnen, die Teil der Delegation des letzten Jahres waren und nun ihre Erfahrungen mit Uns teilen und stehen uns unterstützend zur Seite.

    Tamara Bachmann

    Psychology, 7th Semester

    Having had the chance to participate in NMUN in 2018 was an enriching and extremely educational experience which gave me the opportunity to learn more about the complexity of international politics und the organisation of the United Nations. Being able to experience this unique opportunity was one of the best during my studies, which also gave me the possibility to get to know extraordinary people. As a coach I want to support this year’s delegation thriving and stepping out of their comfort zone so they can acquire new skills which will be useful for their entire life.


    Katja Dietze

    Physics, 5th Semester

    I was part of last year's NMUN delegation and immediately was hooked by the project. It provides a huge opportunity to so many students, who are like me interested in the UN and international politics. Being part of the coaches-team and working with people from my old delegation, who after this year became good friends, is simply amazing. Also, I really enjoy working with this year’s delegates, who are all very talented, interesting and motivated students from all different faculties. It is one more time a great experience and a huge opportunity to learn and to improve. We already faced the challenge of representing Afghanistan, but now we are preparing for the DRC and everything is once again new and challenging – a whole new county in a different part of the world with totally different goals and struggles.  

    I am looking forward to this time with the new delegation and I sincerely hope to do my best as their coach and friend. Good luck guys, you will rock NY! 

    Frieder Getzmacher

    Political and Social Science, 5th Semester

    After being part of the Delegation 2017/18, I am now very excited to experience this project from the advising side. NMUN has given me the chance to gain an invaluable asset for me, personally and academically. Coaching this delegation means to give each person included in the project every possibility to maximize his or her benefit from the qualities the Model United Nations is offering. I hope that this delegation will see the time they are spending with NMUN as a major contribution to their role as citizens of our one world.  


    Marc Wießner

    Political and Social Science, 5th Semester

    While participating as a delegate in 2018 myself, I made unique and marvellous memories, which will accompany me for decades. As a coach, I try to serve the new delegation with my experiences and words of advice. I hope to enable the delegates to have their own wonderful experiences and to have a great time while learning about international relations, the United Nations and especially during their Conference in NY. The project provides a variety of extremely interesting and enriching presentations by experts about many different topics regarding politics and states, which is why I encourage all delegates to enjoy this exceptional opportunity for new insights.