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    NMUN Delegation


    Das Finanzteam verwaltet unsere Sponsorenbeiträge und kümmert sich um Ausgaben, wie beispielsweise die Teilnehmerbeiträge für die Konferenz in New York. Wichtig ist dabei vor allem, nicht den Überblick über die Ausgaben für 15 Delegationsmitglieder zu verlieren.

    Konstantin Weisenberger

    Physics, 5. Semester

    The reason I applied to NMUN was to get the unique look behind the scenes of international politics. What´s fascinating to me is that this project isn´t teaching you about politics in the classroom but throws you into the centre of events where having the right strategy is as important as having the right arguments. Also intriguing to me is to answer the question what the right balance between political objectivism and subjectivism is. Is one approach to a problem better then another or is it just up to different ideologies? Can one say that the action taken by a country is unjustified or does it lay in the eye of the beholder? Those are interesting questions one can’t ever fully answer other than with an opinion. As another motivation, the project helps immensely with personal development like presentation skills, speaking English and learning how to approach people in a professional environment. I am looking forward to it!